Monday, 29 November 2010

Move over the little black dress…

The long black dress is coming to get you! I am always on the look out for the next new trend. I saw this dress by Vera Wand and just fell in love with it.
For as long as I have been reading fashion magazines, we ladies have been told about the virtues of having the perfect black dress in the wardrobe. So I can totally see why a bride would choose this gorgeous black dress to float down the aisle on her wedding day. It's guaranteed to turn heads, be memorable and have the wow factor; all the things you want on your special day.
I’m not sure I would be brave enough to move away from the traditional white or ivory dress myself, but I salute any bride that breaks away from the norm and does it her way.
Vera Wang I love love love your dresses x

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dress Wars Long vs Short

After watching another gripping episode of Don’t Tell the Bride, it got me thinking and the girls talking ... could you ever be brave enough to let my fiancĂ© pick you wedding dress??
I mean the main issue for me has always been what length dress would I wear. Would I go with the traditional long dress with a train at least a foot long! Or would I break with tradition and turn heads with nice short frock ... honestly I am nowhere near getting hitched, but I have had a few sleepless nights thinking about what would be my perfect wedding dress.
The fist big question that came up when discussing long wedding dresses with the girls is what shape to go for? A long slick figure-enhancing dress or a gorgeous full-skirted number that would make and Disney princess green with envy ...
The second biggest question is what shoes would you wear? With a lovely long dress do the shoes matter? ... As no will see them, and if like my girls and me, shoes always matter lol
I have always been the odd one out of the group. I like to be different, so I have to say I'm very much a lone voice when it comes to the short wedding dress. For me, short wedding dresses tick a few more boxes. If you get it right it will be a real wow factor and people will always remember it, you get to show off a killer pair of heel if shoes are your thing, and on a practical level if it rains you don’t have to worry about the hem or the train getting dirty!
But after all's said and done, I think the traditionalist in me and most women will win through and long dresses will always lead the way when it comes to the perfect dress.
Mind you there is no rule to say you can only have one dress on your wedding!!