Sunday, 17 July 2011

Framing Your Memories: Choosing a Photographer

Let's be honest: even though we spend months and months planning every last detail of our wedding day - it is just that: a day. And one which will pass in a haze. Which is why the recording of the day through photographs is especially important. Long after we've put away the wedding dress, the photographs will endure and serve to remind us of our truly special day.

Photography has moved on in recent years; no longer are the wedding photos simply about formal posed groups, rather now, they are about capturing the spontaneity of the day, with informal shots and candid moments. A good photographer will blend in as another wedding guest, recording the little details as well as the grand moments. Choose your photographer carefully: it's not just about the quality of their work, but also it's about whether you want this person to be part of your day.

Be prepared to allocate a good chunk of your budget to your photographs. Ignore the naysayers who say that you will never look at your album again. You will return to it many times, and perhaps with your children or grandchildren. Your wedding photos are a document of your special day which will then last for years and years.

Photos by Amie Fedora Photography; Corey Ann; Mike Fleming. Used with permission.

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